Hostel Facility

Rules & Regulations for Hostel

  1. Ragging is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found guilty of directly/Indirectly involved or abetting in ragging he will be punished/rusticated from the institute.
  2. Hostel rooms are equipped with furniture and fitting of appliances. Students occupying the room will sign for the receipt of items in inventory register. He will be responsible to hand over the items in their original serviceable condition to hostel authorities while leaving the rooms or close of the academic session.
  3. Boarders are not allowed to keep valuables, jewelry and any other articles, which are not approved by the school authorities. Students are not permitted to keep any money or cash with them. No student is allowed to make any direct cash purchase from any where. All purchases are to be done through the procedure prescribed by the hostel council.
  4. Electrical gadgets like heaters, Kettle, irons or any such appliances like mobiles, i-pod or any other electronic or computer devices not approved by the school are not allowed in the hostel.
  5. Surprise check will be made by the competent authority. Extra items, other than those permitted by the school will be confiscated. A report to this effect will be recorded in the discipline register and the checking officer as well as the student must sign the same.
  6. Only those persons will be allowed to meet the students, whose complete particulars and photographs are submitted by the parents at the time of admission. They are allowed to meet the students only on prescribed days. During school times, parents/guardians are not supposed to visit their wards. They can meet the students only in the reception area.
  7. During study hours, all students must denote their time to academic preparation in the study room.
  8. The door of the rooms remains open
  9. Silence is mandatory
  10. Students must work independently, unless they are allowed for a group study session with in full knowledge of warden. Group study sessions will happen in common areas and not in individual rooms.
  11. Students living in hostel interested in studying beyond the light-off time should do so in the study room under the supervision of a supervisor, who is deputed for this purpose.
  12. Mess menu will be designated by the hostel management committee normally on term bases, in consolation with mess manage and approved of the principal the menu shall be displayed in the dining hall of the hostel.
  13. The student should strictly observe the prescribed mess timings, late food/breakfast will not be served.
  14. Wastage of food in the mess be avoided.
  15. Holidays schedule will be separately notified every year. Parents should arrange to take students home, whenever required, either personally or with the approved guardians or person carrying the written authority letter of the parents. Students may not be allowed to go home in the absence of such arrangement.
  16. Fees has to be deposited with in the stipulated period.
  17. Imprest amount should be made, as directed by the school. The imprest amount covers personal expense, books, medical expenses, exam fee, stationary expenses, tuck shop expenses and contingency expenses.