Director’s Message

We recognize that there is a very strong connection
between classroom learning and outdoor experiences, between
parental role and that of the school and between learning for now
and learning for life.

Our appreciation of these values entails that we place a
very high premium on the role of teachers, their competencies, skills,
ability to nurture talent and commitment to be on that side of the

Our motto ” Global perspective Indian values” is a driving
force to pitch our students and their creativity in sync with their
counter parts in the different time zones of the world. Our former
president APJ Abdul Kalam exhort us by asking “Can we make an
education system which will retain the smiles on the faces of our
children throughout the period of their education.”

I believe in encouraging students to think question and
reason rather than restricting their thinking to mere syllabi. With
this education the student will be able to understand, contribute and
succeed in a rapidly changing society and thus make the world a
better and more just place.
Founder’s Message…

– Er. Pyarelal Dhukia
(Founder Person)
New Rajasthan Educational Group
Jhunjhunu (Raj.)