Principle’s Desk

From The Principal’s Desk


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Motivated by these powerful words of Nelson Mandela, I take up this responsible position at New Rajasthan Public School. I intend to use education to bring about a holistic development process in the institution.

The purpose of a good education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Focus will not be just academic excellence but also to formulate in students analytical reasoning and logical deductions. Goals will be set not just to increase the knowledge bank in the minds of the students but also to create the possibility for a child to invent and discover.

Every child is endowed with a God-gifted talent. What is needed to be done is to tap this hidden talent within the child. This we shall do by organising a plethora of activities, so that every facet of a child’s personality will be enhanced.

“In a healthy mind resides a healthy body,” therefore special attention shall be given to sports; It has been rightly said, “The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.” This is because games and sports teach one: discipline, team work, healthy competitiveness and respect for hierarchy.

Since we endeavour to foster holistic development, personality progression will also be an essential part of the school curriculum. Debates, extempore competitions, elocutions, dramas, stage performances; cultural activities in the form of singing, dance, mono-acting, mimicry and many more shall also be an integral part of the scholastic calendar.

Aim of education is the knowledge not merely of facts but of values. My pretention is to imbibe in students, the future citizens of tomorrow, a deep love for the Motherland. Hence National festivals will have top priority in the celebration list. We aspire to infuse in student’s appreciation for India’s diverse and dynamic culture. This we will enhance through folk dances, folk songs, patriotic songs, celebration of Indian festivals and depiction of the life sketches of the national heroes.

Every endeavour will reach fruition only if the ambience of the school campus is alluring. Hence GREEN AND CLEAN CAMPUS will be our cherished Motto and this will be imbibed in all, for ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’

Community service will be an integral part of the curriculum. We will reach-out to the less fortunate, deprived and destitute in society. We will individually and collectively as a family help orphans, children, youth, women, elderly, who may need a helping hand to join the main stream.

Lastly, I am sure with the help of my student, a dynamic team of teachers and a very supportive management; we shall successfully lead the school to great heights of success. May the guiding light of God illuminate the path of success and help us open the Golden Doors of Education to Success.